CHOSA book launch and fundraiser at Diesel Bookstore in Los Angeles


CHOSA will be hosting a second book launch and fundraiser on July 6th, 2011 at 7pm at Diesel Bookstore in Santa Monica.

The book is called “No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way” and it is written and edited by the Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers featuring a forward by best-selling author and activist Raj Patel.

This unique anthology of 45 stories tells the tale of a struggle for land, housing and dignity in Cape Town, South Africa.  Royalties from the book go to the Symphony Way community.  Donations to CHOSA will go towards supporting orphaned and other vulnerable children in South Africa.

Please come to hear what poor people are doing to build social change in their communities.  Click on invite below and RSVP to

Here’s the link to the book’s website to learn more:


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  1. Elizabaeth MIller says:

    Is there any way to purchase this book except through Amazon? I assume at your fund raiser the profits would go to CHOSA. I would like to purchase it but want to be sure you get any profit. Please advise. Elizabeth Miller

    1. jsacks says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      The are a few ways to get the book. Unfortunately, right now, its only out in Europe and South Africa where you can get it in bookstores. It will be out in the US in 2 months or so when books are sent to the US distributors.

      If you live in the US, right now, you have to get it via the UK ( or via You can order it here:

      Finally, your last option is to get it from me in LA. I wouldn’t mind sending you a copy if you send me details and money for shipping.

      3109913078 or

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