Wisdom from Fast Team member Alma Anides

Hello everyone!
I actually started fasting a day early since tomorrow I have an event.  That makes today my 3rd and last day…. it has been hands-down the hardest day (not wanting to discourage anyone about tomorrow), but today my grumbling tummy quieted down and instead took over a feeling of weakness as if a cold was about to hit me. 
I am very proud of myself though, this year has been a lot easier than last´s. Not because I am any less hungry but because I have found so much more strength in God, or whatever you choose to call the upper being or energy, and therefore the cause.  I know what we are doing is a very small act and that even though money does help, what is really going on here is a build up of energy and connection towards the children we have worked with and love so much.
While fasting, I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to sit down and pray/meditate/reflect about what our aim is.  I have found that fasting has sharpened my senses (besides smelling food hehe) and throws you into some sort of stupor.  I am no expert at this, but I am guessing this is why great leaders have chosen fasting as a way to connect and move forward their cause.
Keep up the spirit and be conscious of what your body tells you, it is wise!! ;)
-Alma Anides, CHOSA Alum, 2009

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