Happy Holidays from CHOSA!

Happy Holidays from all of us at CHOSA! In case you didn’t receive our year-end mailing, here are a few updates from Cape Town as we close out the year:

cover1 longAt Blessings Educare Center, CHOSA supports Principal Nomsa and her staff as they educate 110 preschoolers. One of Blessings’ teachers was recently awarded a bookshelf full of books from a local nonprofit in recognition of her unique style of instruction. In July, Blessings earned non-profit status, making them eligible for new funding opportunities and access to South African government resources. What’s next on the horizon? Blessings, which operates out of semi-permanent structures that CHOSA helped to fund, is working to secure the rights to the land on which they are situated. This would enable them to build a formal structure and access municipal water and electricity.

Without CHOSA I could not carry this challenge. With CHOSA’s support and activities and training, they have taught me how to be a caring business women, and close a huge gap in knowledge.” – Nomsa, Principal

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.22.46 AMAbaphumeleli Place of Safety, which was featured in a “Photo Story” in last year’s newsletter, serves 33 children who have either been abused, neglected, or have suffered the loss of a parent. Many have been malnourished, and some are HIV positive, but all have found hope and a warm, loving home at Abaph. The home has grown significantly in the past year, adding a room (a renovated shipping container, pictured here) which is dedicated to quiet, after-school homework time.

gardenAbaph has also started a garden on the property where they grow healthy and nutritious vegetables for the kids to eat. Township Farmers, a new   organization which received a once-off grant from CHOSA, has partnered with Abaph in this endeavor. As the kids learn a new skill and gain appreciation for the environment, Abaph is creating their own source of food that will help the home become even more self-sustaining.

“We are privileged to have CHOSA on our side. I have learned a lot from them to do finances each and every month, and now I don’t struggle. CHOSA has taught us when you buy something keep your receipt so that at the end of the money you may know how you did your expenditures. I know how to budget because of CHOSA. We thank CHOSA for getting us to the point where we are here, now standing on our own two feet because of CHOSA.” – Noluyolo, Manager

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 9.26.39 PMThope Foundation has been busy with the upcoming launch of their new school! Molo Mhlaba, the first all-girls school in Khayelitsha township, will teach iSTEAM (Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) curriculum to elementary-aged girls from underserved communities. Thope also recently   participated in a Science Week event, where students took part in an exciting robot-building project. CHOSA’s monthly grants support Thope’s after-school academic and mentoring programs in pursuit of Thope’s vision to transform girls’ lives through education.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 9.08.33 PMCHOSA hosts four Networking Events annually as an opportunity for all of our partner projects to learn from experts, and one another, about how to best care for the children they serve. This year, topics in-cluded “How to not be scared of fundraising”, “Ways to resourcefully teach in early childhood education”, and “Stages of childhood development”. To close the year, our staff hosted a “CHOSA Awards” celebration recognizing the progress and growth of our partners. We are so proud of their hard work this year!

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.03.51 PMThis year, CHOSA grants to Philani Family Fund supported nursing students facing significant obstacles to pursuing an education. Ntombi, pictured here, is the first in the family to obtain higher education. These scholarships have enabled her and eight other women to lift themselves out of a cycle of poverty while serving the children in their communities as nurses.

Staff nurses at Philani visit pregnant mothers in their homes, and continue visits until the child is 5. They track their health, development, and weight, enrolling children in a special program to combat malnourishment when needed. In a region with the world’s highest rates of HIV, fetal alcohol syndrome, and low birth weight, these early interventions are crucial. CHOSA is honored to partner with these nursing graduates who have risen above their circumstances and are determined to make an impact in their communities.

CHOSA supported us in going into this profession, because before there was no         direction of how we were able to climb the mountain of education. CHOSA’s support     was like a mother and father. If CHOSA was not here in Philani, our lives would not be like this. It has uplifted and lightened up our lives. Now I have a name; now I am not just Ntombi, I’m Staff Nurse Ntombi.”

Interested in receiving our year-end updates by “snail mail”? Email ellie@chosa.org with your mailing address. All the best for a prosperous new year!




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