Community Driven Solutions for Change

2018 has gotten off to a soaring start for Children of South Africa. With the beginning of a new school year here in South Africa, we have new children enrolled at our partner preschools, an additional school we are supporting by way of the Thope Foundation, and a children’s home making progress on purchasing a new plot of land. And this is just the beginning of what our partner organisations plan to accomplish in the upcoming months. We have high hopes for all that our partner projects are continuing to do to improve the lives for the children of South Africa.

Most recently, CHOSA is proud of the work of the Thope Foundation, who launched their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) school for girls in January, called Molo Mhlaba. This school provides a safe learning environment for girls from underserved communities to be exposed to technology from their reception into school. At Molo Mhlaba girls are taught to code computers, play with legos, and read books in both English and their various African home languages. With an extended school day running from 7 AM to 4 PM, the school makes sure that children are educationally stimulated and looked after during the hours that their parents are at work.

Molo Play

The idea of Molo Mhlaba stemmed from the Thope Foundation’s work in after-school programming, which provides girls with exposure to technology through learning about robotics and coding, while also participating in life skills sessions, and educational support in English, math, and science. Realising the many benefits that came from this after-school programme and the positive impact it was having on the lives of the participating girls, the Thope Foundation decided that such programming should also be accessible to younger girls, and this is where the idea of creating a primary school for girls focusing on STEM began.

Today, CHOSA is excited to continue to partner with the Thope Foundation and Molo Mhlaba as we believe they exemplify the imperative of generating community driven solutions to the problems that currently face the children of South Africa. We strive to keep discovering more local initiatives like the Thope Foundation, and our other CHOSA partner organisations, which seeks to improve the lives of children from within the community.

We also want to offer continued thanks for all of your support along the way, to make grassroots programmes like this possible. Your generosity allows for CHOSA to be able to identify, support, and fund these such initiatives which most directly improve the lives of children growing up in South Africa. Thank you!

Molo Fantasy Time


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