2019 April Networking Event


On the 06 of April 2019 , CHOSA held their first of four Annual Networking events. This event took place at one of CHOSA’s partner projects, QQ Community Creche. The focus of this event was on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) which is a concept that seeks to highlight and motivate the power of communities in improving livelihoods, by sharing tools which can help to identify the resources and relationships that can guide growth and development.  Creating an interactive environment for unpacking this topic, the networking event led to practical application of ABCD with the various community organisations attending. Through role playing, participants were given opportunities to reflect on how they perceive their communities and the individuals that reside in them, being asked challenging questions that guided them to adopting new perspectives on the challenges they face. Furthermore participants were asked to critically map their communities and highlight the resources accessible to them. We believe this is an activity they will take back with them to their projects and further be able to drive ABCD to generate tangible improvement within the communities they operate.

With all of CHOSA’s networking events, we use this opportunity to discuss topics that are relevant across CHOSA’s diverse portfolio of projects that work with children. We also believe this is a great way for our partner organisations to network amongst themselves, learning from each other and seeing how they can possibly consider collaboration.

We had a great turn out to the event, with an attendance of 30 individuals, and representation from 8 different community based projects that work with children. The networking event was facilitated by CHOSA Fundraising Coordinator Adele Bruggeman. CHOSA’s new communications and fundraising intern also assisted in taking photos throughout the event.

chosa p[roject - Copy




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