Masakhane Crèche – Standing together with the children of Joe Slovo

Joe Slovo is one of the largest informal settlements in South Africa, and its residents have long been known for their activism and ability to come together to address community issues. CHOSA supports two projects in Joe Slovo: a day-care center and a community vegetable garden. The community has recently named the day-care center Masakhane Crèche, which is isiXhosa for “stand together.”

Masakhane has shown a great deal of promise since the beginning, when the community pulled together to provide a place of learning and support for the children of the community. The center’s four dedicated teachers are truly its backbone; they volunteer their time and even raise donations from their families to support the center. To support their fundraising efforts, CHOSA recently partnered with NextAid and Good Times Events to host a concert at a local nightclub in Cape Town, which raised R2,000 for the day-care center. We look forward to seeing this community-driven project soar to even greater heights!


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