Weekend Warriors Perform for a Different Kind of Audience

In early October, CHOSA had the exciting opportunity to welcome the Weekend Warriors to Cape Town. WW joined CHOSA’s afterschool program to put on a concert for the kids. We threw a couple of guitars into the van and decided to see what would happen. WW ended up putting on an acoustic concert for the 40 or so kids who were at practice that day. It was a HUGE hit and the kids were singing their songs well into the weekend.

Weekend Warriors en route to Cape Town!

This afternoon, long-time CHOSA supporter Chris Sinclair will lead The International Music Festival’s first trip to Cape Town! The Anthem Group and this year’s winners, The Weekend Warriors will play their first concert at Wadda, a club in Claremont, Cape Town on Friday evening. Partial proceeds from the festival will go to CHOSA. You can download Weekend Warriors on iTunes or take a listen on the IMF website here. Scroll about half way down the page to hear “Mr Right Now”, “Take Me to LA” and “Rainfall”!
Weekend Warriors is booming and has recently had tracks used on The Real World Cancun, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF and The Hills!